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What's a little workplace trauma between friends?

That's right, according to this new tweet by The Amazing Spider-Man 2 director , 's Gwen Stacy will continue to work at Oscorp in the sequel movie, despite having been hunted by her mutated supervisor (who killed her dad) in the previous movie.

Webb just posted a photo of her cubicle on Twitter, adding: "Day 27. Charlie and Scott working on Gwen's cubicle." Take a look:

Now THAT is employee loyalty.

I could totally live with this revelation. Oscorp is an element of the story that provides Gwen a way to do her own thing. It's better if she's her own person and not just a better way to serve Peter. But I feel that Gwen doesn't really realize how dangerous Oscorp is, while Peter is on the verge at finding out... Smells ominous, no?

The Amazing Spider-Man 2 swings into theaters in May 2014.


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