ByDavid Latona, writer at
David Latona

ATTENTION ALL COLLECTORS! Hasbro is inaugurating a new superhero-themed season with some cool-looking toys that will merchandise the soon-to-come film, The Amazing Spider-Man 2. Presented at Hasbro's NYCC party, these Spiderman figures were displayed as part of a larger Marvel Legends collection, which also included Captain America: The Winter Soldier toys. Check out Spidey's () detailed mask, Electro's () awesome electrical powers (I love the pure electricity sprouting off his hands), and lastly, what seems to be the Green Goblin from the Marvel Ultimate Universe!

Compare the toy to the Marvel Ultimate Universe Green Goblin:

What's your take? Do you want The Amazing Spider-Man 2 to feature the Ultimate version of Norman Osborne? Is that a better look than the body armor wore in 's Spider-Man? Do you think they'll have dress up like that? Give us your thoughts below the fold.



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