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Remember the Mystery Man in #TheAmazingSpiderMan films, otherwise known as Gustav Piers. Appearing in the first film to quiz Curt Conners, before being spotted at the end of the second to talk about building a team with Harry Osborn. With rumours that the Sinister Six could form in the third team, our hopes were dashed as the Amazing films were cancelled. Watch this awesome clip from the second film below:

Ever wanted to find out who the man in the shadows was? Well, bad luck, because not even Andrew Garfield knows. When asked about who he could possibly be he responded:

"I don't know that the filmmakers knew who the hell that guy was! I don't know, actually. I actually don't know"

It's incredible to think that even the people making the film didn't know who he was. Maybe the only explanation is that the character, played by recently-deceased actor Michael Massee, snuck onto the set whilst cameras were rolling and they just decided to keep the footage. It seems that we will never know. Nevertheless:

Andrew Garfield Is Positive


Andrew Garfield is a key example of how to gracefully concede a role to another, wishing Tom Holland the best for when he takes over the role. With Hacksaw Ridge coming up very soon, and with it Oscar hopes, Garfield has plenty to look forward to in his acting career, saying he is excited to see where the Spider-Man legacy goes:

"that version of Spider-Man is no longer. Now we got Tom Holland, who I really think is going to do some beautiful stuff."

Who knows, maybe Gustav Piers will be in Homecoming: but we shall have to wait until next year in order to find out!

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Source: Cinemablend