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Jack Giroux

2008's Iron Man may not have done The Incredible Hulk much of a favor with its gigantic opening. The first entry in Marvel's Phase One was a huge box-office and critical hit, so when the man in green macho man came along and did respectable business, it wasn't seen as the success it should've been. That's how I recall its opening five years ago, anyway. With over 260,000 million worldwide, DVD sales, toys, and all that, the movie probably did considerably well for Marvel.

One would think, or at least hope, a direct Hulk Sequel would be in the cards at some point. According to that film's director, , whose newest film Now You See Me comes out this month, we already saw the sequel to The Incredible Hulk: The Avengers.

"Well, there were never really [plans for a direct sequel]. As you know, Tony Stark came in at the end [in Incredible Hulk]. In a sense, Incredible Hulk 2 was The Avengers. There was the group, the enemy comes in, and The Hulk is pivotal. It was Incredible Hulk 2. There was the idea of Banner around doing his stuff while the group is missing this one piece. If the Hulk was a bad guy, it would've changed everything. If Banner decided to go with one or the other, it would've switched the outcome. It really was that. At Marvel, it was very clear that Phase I was introducing these actors and heroes. Phase II was really combining them. The Hulk was a oner."

After the fan appreciation of actor Mark Ruffalo's take on the Hulk, and all the rumors swirling, hopefully that sequel (or semi-reboot?) happens sometime soon. Reboot or not, it's disappointing Leterrier and didn't get another shot at the character. The Incredible Hulk was a really fun blockbuster on par with the first Iron Man, having both a superior villain and a third act that didn't fall apart.

Maybe Phase II or III we'll see The Hulk return without Tony Stark or Cap at his side.


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