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Mark Newton

's The Avengers might have missed out on all the big awards, but it's doing a super job of snapping up every smaller award going. Having already dominated the MTV awards, The Avengers has now won big at the Saturn Sci-Fi and Fantasy Awards.

Whedon took home the award for Best Director, while The Avengers claimed the Best Science Fiction Film and Best Special Effects at Wednesday's ceremony. also went on to grab the gong for Best Supporting Actor for his portrayal as Agent Coulson.

AMC's The Walking Dead was the next big winner of the night. The zombie splat-athon received the award for Best Syndicated/Cable Television Series, with taking Best Supporting Actress on Television for her performance as Andrea. I guess picking up pliers extremely slowly with your feet is really applauded at the Saturn Awards.

Surprisingly, The Dark Knight Rises came away quite empty handed. Despite being nominated for several categories, the Batman film's only award went to for Best Actress.

If you want to get a look at the full list of winners, head over to here.

What do you think? Was Avengers a worthy winner, or do you think The Dark Knight Rises deserves some more recognition? Let us know your opinion below.


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