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Endangered babysitters have been a staple in the horror genre for decades. Movies like When A Stranger Calls, The Babysitter Murders, Babysitter Wanted and The House Of The Devil all explore what would happen if the person who's in charge of looking after children has to fend off against a violent attacker.

Now, Netflix is putting a spin on the genre by asking: What would happen if your kid's babysitter was actually a murderer looking for her next victim?

Back in 2015, McGee (This Means War, 3 Days To Kill) started developing The Babysitter, and after some struggles with the distribution side of things, the project landed at Netflix. The movie centers around a young boy, Cole (Judah Lewis), who is in love with his babysitter, Bee (Samara Weaving). Unfortunately for him, his first crush isn't the dream whom he believes her to be. Bee is actually part of a satanic cult alongside her friends (, and Andrew Bachelor), who are looking to sacrifice Cole for a ritual.

A Dangerous Babysitter Is Coming To The Suburbs

has released the first trailer for The Babysitter, and it's one of the strangest mixes of horror and comedy we've seen in a while. Check it out in all of its gruesome glory:

Well that was ... something. The trailer touches on one topic that's always bothered me about slasher films: they often show people being covered in blood from the killer's victims, but the movies never address that as a major health problem, being the door-opener to a number of dangerous diseases.

But The Babysitter finally addresses that question. Early on in the trailer, Samara Weaving's Bee stabs her victim in the head, and the blood gets on Andrew Bachelor's John the Baptist. John understandably starts to freak out, and he states:

"Look man, three out of four people got an STD. I got two people's blood on me... you do the math."

Andrew Bachelor in 'The Babysitter' [Credit: Netflix]
Andrew Bachelor in 'The Babysitter' [Credit: Netflix]

Shortly after Netflix uploaded it to its official Twitter account, there were some viewers who responded well to it, but there were many others who decided to make fun of the film in some not very nice ways. Still, the trailer really intrigued me, so I can't wait to see what the movie has to offer to the horror genre. Who knows? Perhaps it will be Netflix's next big hit.

If you're curious to check out The Babysitter, it will hit Netflix on October 13, 2017.

What did you think about the first trailer for The Babysitter? Are you fan of its comedy/horror mix? Let me know in the comments!


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