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Graphic Designer and illustrator from Brazil:

Hey, I'm an illustrator from São Paulo, Brazil. I work as a freelance for magazines, books, advertising, graphic design and webdesign and I have been attending clients such: Nike, Gillette, BBDO, ESPN, Editora Globo, Editora Abril, among others. My work is 100% digital and I love to draw people and create poster designs. My website is and everybody is welcome to take a visit.

"The Batman Alternative Posters" is a work that I did for Monet Magazine (from Editora Globo - Brasil). Monet is a magazine about movies and television shows, specially about the content of NET, the largest Cable TV service provider in Brazil.

The December 2012's edition of Monet was dedicated to Batman, with a cover and several articles about Batman movies, comics and TV series. The Posters went along with an article speculating for new possible movies of Batman, directed by other directors, an unique cast and new scripts, based on Batman graphic novels. So the article tells how a Batman movie would be if directed by or , and so on.

The posters produced try to follow the director style and feature the key actors. Also, some elements related to the original text (graphic novels) were added.

The list of posters and cast is the following:

Batman - Arkham Asylum (Asilo Arkham) Directed by David Fincher With John Hamm (Batman), (Joker)

Batman - The Long Halloween (O Longo Dia das Bruxas) Directed by Martin Scorcese With (Batman) and (Holiday)

Batman - The Dark Knight (Frank Miller) (Batman - O Cavaleiro das Trevas) Directed by With (Batman), , Mathias Schoenaerts,

Batman - Son of the Demon (Batman - O Filho do Demônio) Directed by With , , , Jasper Newell

Batman - The Cult (Batman - O Messias) Directed by With Joseph Gorden Levitt (Batman), (Deacon Blackfire)

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