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Ben Affleck's Batman was perhaps the most praised aspect of Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice. That immense popularity convinced Warner Bros. to green light a solo movie for the character: The Batman.

Sadly, the project has been facing major setbacks, especially with Affleck dropping off as director to deal with personal issues and the screenplay going through multiple drafts. Matt Reeves signed on to direct, but the film seems to be struggling to find its footing and concept. Nevertheless, Wonder Woman proves that Warner Bros. knows how to turn the DCEU around and capture the love of critics and audiences.

With that in mind, I wanted to highlight fan-posters and art that deliver concepts for a pretty amazing solo Batman film set in the DCEU:

A Far More Menacing Joker

Let's face it, 's Joker was not the villain fans were hoping for. The actor's mannerisms and characterization were quite divisive, and most of his scenes wound up on the cutting room floor — which cast doubt on the prospect of seeing Leto return to the .

This poster, however, paints an exciting scenario for the character. It highlights the clown's obsession with Batman while at the same time teasing the chaos that Joker brings to the hero's life. I also like the fact that it features a semi-realistic release date.

Deathstroke Vs. Batman

  • Poster by: MessyPandas

is a touchy subject in the movie. Earlier this year, stated he wasn't sure about his involvement in The Batman. This poster makes me very disappointed by the prospect of him no longer being involved, as it teases what could be an eye-popping confrontation between the two characters.

Live-Action Nightfall

[Credit: DC_News_Unlimited]
[Credit: DC_News_Unlimited]

was first introduced on the big screen in The Dark Knight Rises, played by Tom Hardy. His version received its fair share of criticism, though, as fans pointed out the character lacked the rage and intimidating presence from the comics.

With the DCEU taking a more faithful approach to its characters' aesthetics, we've been crossing our fingers for the villain to pop up. While nothing has come out of that, this poster teases us with Bane through incredible Knightfall imagery. I must say, out of all the posters on this list, this one is my favorite. It teases a dark storyline for Bruce Wayne without being heavy-handed about it.

Why So Serious?

This poster gained quite a bit of traction online after Jared Leto himself shared it. Because of that, people have taken it as him teasing a Joker role in the sequel. While we don't know what's going on with that, this is one direct confrontation between the Clown Prince of Crime and Batman I would love to see.

It's worth noting that this is the second poster on the list that uses Hot Toys figures as the models for the picture. The other one that uses the figures was MessyPanda's 2019 Joker.

Batman: Under The Red Hood

[Credit: Bryanzap]
[Credit: Bryanzap]

revealed Bruce Wayne had to face the loss of a Robin. While Jason Todd's name wasn't used, comic books fans knew it was him. That gave us the exciting prospect of Todd one day making his first live-action appearance as the .

This poster puts that possibility on full display. Even though it's almost the same poster as the Under The Red Hood animated film, it's still quite amazing.

An Old-School Batman Story

  • Poster by: MessyPandas

will make his debut as Commissioner Gordon in this year's Justice League. The character is a pivotal part of Bruce Wayne's mythology, so seeing him take a prominent role in The Batman would be fantastic. This poster teases that, and it looks quite amazing. Moving away from the DCEU's more fantastical elements, it would be interesting to see an old-school, down-to-Earth Batman story of him just fighting street-level crime alongside .

I don't know about you, but all of these fan posters make me wish The Batman had a smoother development process. With Matt Reeves as director and Ben Affleck as star, the project has a real opportunity to be something special, so hopefully it ends up happening!

Fortunately while we wait, we'll be able to watch the Caped Crusader in Justice League on November 17, 2017.

What was your favorite poster? What would you like to see in The Batman? Let me know in the comments!


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