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The first full trailer for 's live-action remake of , starring Emma Watson as Belle, has just dropped, and fans of all ages are already falling in love with the magical world of the film.

While we know that all our favorite characters and songs from the animated film are going to be present, the new trailer hints that the remake may be borrowing a few more elements from the classic French fairy tale on which both films are based. This could definitely help with adding depth to the film, and set it apart from the original. Let's take a look at what we've learned from the trailer, and what else may be borrowed from the fairy tale.

A Stolen Rose

In the animated film, Belle's father, Maurice, is thrown into the dungeon by the Beast after he enters the Enchanted Castle uninvited, seeking shelter during a blizzard. In the original fairy tale, the Beast catches him unwittingly stealing a rose from the castle's garden, as Belle had asked him to bring one back for her from his trip.

Looking at the trailer, the remake seems to be following the fairy tale's version of events. Maurice, played by Kevin Kline, is seen reaching for a lone white rose before the Beast snatches him up. This scenario may lead Belle to feel more responsible for her father's captivity, driving the decision to trade her freedom for his.

Belle May Be Allowed To Leave The Castle Before The Beast Officially Releases Her

In the fairy tale, the Beast allows Belle to visit her family on the condition that she returns exactly a week later. Belle's sisters, surprised and jealous by her comfortable life with the Beast, try to convince her to stay an extra day, hoping the Beast will become angry and harm her.

In both the animated film and the remake, Belle does not have sisters. If Belle's visit home occurs in the new film, it may be Gaston who attempts to convince her to stay, with her refusal adding to his anger at the film's climax.

More Backstory For The Beast

In the animated film, we do not get much backstory on the Beast beyond that he was once a selfish, spoiled prince. While the fairy tale doesn't go much deeper, there are signs that the remake may try to correct this.

In the animated film, a portrait that Belle stumbles upon depicts only the prince. In the remake's trailer, a similar portrait shows both the young prince and his parents, giving the Beast a deeper backstory that lets us know exactly how he got where he is. This will greatly add to both the character and his growing relationship with Belle.

Check Out The Beauty And The Beast Trailer Here:

What other insights did you pick up from the new trailer that differ from the animated movie?


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