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Horror films often tell the tale of people going up to battle against unexplained supernatural entities/serial killers/monsters/vampires/ghosts/trolls. The folks who survive, or at least make it close to the end, are brave battlers who never back down, trying their darnedest to not end up as a blood geyser. They stand up to the insurmountable, occasionally survived against terrible odds. You have to appreciate people who put their neck on the line to prevent a greater evil from destroying the world, even if it is only in the movies.

So let's check out some of the most memorable and triumphant fights that exist in movies.

1. The Descent — The Crawler Fight

According to the website Movies Films and Flix, this is the direction that filmmaker Neil Marshall gave to the participants of the fights.

Marshall told the actor in the creature suit to “go for the neck,” then he told his actress “don’t let it get your neck.”

The fights in 2005's The Descent were quick, punchy, primal brawls filled with flailing limbs, gore and grisly deaths in the most claustrophobic of setting. The first fight between the character Juno (Natalie Mendoza) and one of the crawlers was brilliant. Desperate Juno struggled to save her ailing friend and the resulting scrap was a violent one that left me breathless and stressed, with a startling payoff you likely didn't see coming. They don’t make urgent horror like this anymore.

2. Drag Me To Hell — Car Park Throwdown

"I beat you, you old bitch!"

Leave it to to provide an entertaining brawl between an elderly gypsy woman and our basic blonde heroine. In this fight we get a relentless old hag being stapled in the face, dentures exploding from her mouth, full-on face gumming our protagonist. It's a bonkers bout that is pure popcorn fun. Raimi knows how to entertain while adding a sense of levity to his brand of horror, which makes every fight a doozy. I loved every second of this car conflict and consider Drag Me to Hell a favorite in the genre.

3. Aliens — Ripley Takes On The Queen

"Get away from her, you bitch!"

This is the classic line that a pissed-off Ripley says to an equally pissed-off Alien Queen. Perhaps one of the most memorable fight scenes ever because it is so unexpected and brutal. I love how puts her neck on the line to battle an acid-blooded, dagger-tailed alien bent on destruction of humankind. It set the standard for badass women and will never not be awesome.

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4. Ernest Scared Stupid — Troll Meets Miak And A Flatbed Truck

"How 'bout a bumper sandwich, Boogerlips!"

Ernest and Trantor the troll go head to head in schools, treehouses and on highways. They trade barbs, bruises and bad jokes. 1991 horror-comedy Ernest Scared Stupid is the only film to ever give me nightmares, and this troll is a perfect example of an evil entity come to kill. The director later admitted to making this creature feature too scary for squirts, and it shows, as Trantor continually tries to murder Ernest in increasingly terrible ways. You gotta appreciate that our hero hangs in there and unwittingly dances his way to victory.

5. 30 Days Of Night — Townsfolk Get Wiped Out

David Slade's twisted take on bloodsuckers offers a fear and panic you never knew existed, even in your sweatiest nightmares.

What if vampires weren't just the frilly sleeved, sexy romantics who might nibble on your neck and turn you into a slinky creature of the night? What if they were devious predators who had such lofty aspirations as preying on and hunting down an entire town — for sport and for dinner? Indeed, the remote northern Alaskan town of Barrow is located in the Arctic Circle and is the northernmost settlement in the United States. It's in this real-life setting that 30 Days of Night takes place, with the vamps taking full advantage of the polar night, a winter phenomenon where the night lasts for 24 hours, in this case for 30 consecutive days.

Hellion Danny Huston leads this animalistic coven that speaks in a disturbing ancient tongue as they terrorize these innocent Alaskans. As intelligent as they are feral, you will never want to play in the snow again after watching this blood-soaked gem.

What's your favorite fight in a horror movie? Let us know in the comments below.


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