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It's still hard to accept that legendary actress Mary Tyler Moore has died at the age of 80, and the internet is still being flooded with tributes for her. Celebrities and non-Hollywood folk alike are paying tribute to one of the best known – and best loved – actresses of a generation.

1. Valerie Harper

Valerie Harper played Mary Richards' best friend Rhoda throughout the seven years that The Mary Tyler Moore Show ran and also played her during the eponymous sitcom Rhoda, a spinoff of The Mary Tyler Moore Show. When Harper was diagnosed with terminal cancer three years ago, Moore released a statement saying that she was devastated at the news.

“Valerie has given so much joy, laughter and love to the world,” Moore said in a statement to People. “I join her fans and send much love and positive thoughts to her and her family during this difficult time.”

Now, though, it was Harper's turn to acknowledge her late friend.

2. Betty White

Once Mary Richards' nemesis Sue Ann Nivens on The Mary Tyler Moore Show, Betty White and Mary Tyler Moore were IRL friends who spent time together with their respective husbands at the time, Alan Ludden and Grant Tinker. White and Moore reunited with their other female co-stars in a 2013 episode of Hot In Cleveland entitled "Love Is All Around," named after the theme song for The Mary Tyler Moore Show.

White said that some of the "best times" of her life were spent with Moore and Tinker.

3. Carl Reiner

The 94-year-old comic legend knew he had the right woman to play Laura Petrie on The Dick Van Dyke Show the minute Moore walked through the door, according to Reiner's interview with Entertainment Tonight. He acknowledged that while he'd known for some time that Moore's health was failing, he was still shocked when he'd learned that she had passed away on January 25 at the age of 80. While he'd told her husband, Dr. Robert Levine, that it was okay to tell her that she could go, Reiner hadn't been able to be with her the day she passed.

"Mary, you were the greatest," Reiner says. "You and Dick defined my life at one period, and I'll never forget you for what you did for me by being Laura Petrie."

4. Dick Van Dyke

Moore's onscreen husband has said in the past that when he was first informed that Moore had been cast as Laura Petrie, he'd been concerned that she was too young to be believable as his wife. When Van Dyke and Moore worked together, though, it was magic, and even they recognized their undeniable chemistry. Van Dyke admitted that he and Moore had a "teenage crush" on each other, which highlighted their onscreen chemistry.

Upon learning of his longtime friend's death, Van Dyke took to social media.

5. Ed Asner

Mr. Grant, the gruff news department head that told Mary Richards that he hated "spunk", ended up being one of her dearest friends both on screen and in real life. He noted that she'd never changed throughout the run of The Mary Tyler Moore Show in spite of personal troubles like management of her diabetes or her reported alcohol addiction and later, the death of her only son.

“I didn’t see a different Mary. The good, steady, strong, hard working Mary,” said Asner. “I think she changed after the show stopped, but I didn’t see any of that.”

Asner was affectionate in his praise for Moore:

6. Oprah Winfrey

Oprah never made any attempt to hide the fact that she adored Mary Tyler Moore, saying once that she once wanted to be exactly like her and move to Minneapolis because that's where she thought she lived. When her production team surprised her with a personal visit from Mary Tyler Moore during a taping of her show in 1997, the talk show queen broke down, weeping as Moore smiled at her and cupped her face. It was that image that Oprah used in her Twitter tribute to the legendary actress.

7. Full Frontal With Samantha Bee

The host and her colleagues paid tribute to Moore and her show with the iconic tam toss at the close of Full Frontal With Samantha Bee on January 25, the day Moore passed away. Of course, they didn't use a tam, as Moore did in the opening of her show, but the "pussyhats" from the the previous weekend. Given how influential had been in the feminist sphere, that comes as little surprise.

8. Marlee Matlin

Invoking the closing line of the theme song, "Love Is All Around," Marlee Matlin noted that Mary Tyler Moore was able to really demonstrate to women that they could use their own personal power to change the world and have their voices heard.

9. Telefeminism Project

Telefeminism Project gave a nod to the wit of in saluting Moore, and while it's not 100 percent clear who put together the tribute, the point cannot be missed. Definitely, the sexist attitudes of the 1970s were something that Mary Richards distinctly fought against, and women of today can surely also relate to this sentiment.

10. Marcia MacMillan, Broadcaster

The veteran Canadian newscaster, as so many female journalists have done, acknowledged the role that Mary Richards played in defining what they could do as journalists.

11. Sara Spector, Criminal Defense Attorney

Spector acknowledged the role that Mary Tyler Moore played for so many women who were on the fence about getting married in the first place, noting that there are women who feel that marriage validates them as people. Mary Richards made it okay for women who chose not to get married.

12. Newsy

The video news network that is hoping to effectively build a cable news network for millennials posted a touching tribute to Mary Tyler Moore. The YouTube video doesn't last long, but uses many of Moore's quotes directly from The Mary Tyler Moore Show, Hot In Cleveland, and Ordinary People to reflect the profound influence that she had. This is around two minutes of very touching video; you might want some tissue.

13. Stephen Fry, comedian

At its heart, The Mary Tyler Moore Show was about relationships, and from relationships sprang some of the best comedy and touching moments that are often not seen the way they were during the run of the show. Stephen Fry noted that while filming on the same soundstage that The Mary Tyler Moore Show was run on, he and his colleagues took time to remember the legend.

14. Parker Molloy, Upworthy writer

The young writer acknowledged the place that Moore has in encouraging people to take chances. Moore saw pain as a way to encourage growth, and given the number of tragic circumstances that she went through in her life – including an illness that was ravaged her body and the accidental death of her son – Moore knew more than a thing or two about how to be brave. Or at least how to seem as though you were.

15. Jimmy Fallon

When The Roots introduced the segment where Fallon paid tribute to Mary Tyler Moore with "Love Is All Around," you knew something good was coming. Fallon related that, like so many others in and beyond the entertainment industry, he had grown up watching Mary Tyler Moore on television, even taking the line from "Chuckles Bites The Dust" when he had his picture in his high school yearbook - "A little song, a little dance, a little seltzer down your pants."

Fallon was clearly a fan and had been moved by Moore, as so many have been.

She Turned The World On With Her Smile

Tributes to Mary Tyler Moore continue to pour in through social media, and many more have been planned to air on various channels. While her production company is now a part of the larger 21st Century Fox, the role that Moore continues to play in the world of television and movies is undeniable. Activist, icon, friend and legend - no matter what word is used to describe Mary Tyler Moore, her passing definitely leaves a gaping hole in the landscape.


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