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Anyone growing up in the last few decades is likely to have fond memories of Sesame Street, the iconic children's series starring such as Big Bird, Cookie Monster, and Elmo.

In more recent years, has taken to spreading educational messages through the use of skits parodying popular — and occasionally, not so child friendly — movies and TV shows. Unless you have children of your own, you have likely missed many of these skits. So, in honor of on November 10, I have compiled the best ones here:

1. 'Up And Down'

This clip, featuring Katy Perry singing a parody version of her hit song "Hot 'N Cold" alongside Elmo, never reached TV screens. It was pulled after complaints in preview screenings regarding Perry's cleavage, and the suggestive nature of the original song. The clip is easily available online.

2. 'Homelamb'

In this parody, Agent Nicholas Baa-rody arrives to help hunt down the Big Bad Wolf. But another Agent, Caa-rie, thinks Baa-rody looks suspicious. Aiming to teach children how to spot differences, this skit contains enough references to draw a laa-ugh or two from Homeland fans.

3. 'Sons Of Poetry'

was definitely not child friendly, but Sesame Street somehow managed to twist it into a child-friendly adaptation. This skit features the "Sons Of Poetry" gang help a struggling young man find a word that rhymes with "blue," so he can complete a poem for his sweetheart.

4. 'Mad Men'

Including a fun adaptation of the real show's opening sequence, this parody depicts a puppet named "Mr. Draper" and his associates growing increasingly "mad" as they fail to think up good advertising ideas.

5. 'The Hungry Games: Catching Fur'

This parody is tame and educational for the kiddies, while including enough in-jokes to please any older audiences that may be watching. In "The Hungry Games: Catching Fur," Cookieness Evereat, along with her friends Tick-Toc Lady and Pita, the sentient Pita bread, must solve a series of food-related puzzles in order to win The Games.

6. 'Game Of Chairs'

The most popular of Sesame Street's parodies, "Game Of Chairs" went viral online soon after airing. In this adaptation, Grover Bluejoy initiates a game of musical chairs to see who will become the new ruler of Jesteros. Characters such as Ned Stark, and "The Mommy of Dragons" compete.


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