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Japanese Cowboys: 1990s film Unforgiven is one of the best modern westerns. And there has been a long history of crossovers between Japanese film and the western, with (himself a huge fan of ) making Seven Samurai, which was then turned into the Magnificent Seven (and now, if isn't too upset by recent leaks, The Hateful Eight).

So how about a Japanese Unforgiven? Take a look for yourself:


Russian Novelists: is set to team up with British comedy actor and now serious filmmaker . It is the remake of a Dostoevsky novel in which a man finds his doppelganger in his workplace, and his double slowly takes over his life.

Check out the haunting trailer here: [bc:3181398738001]

British Jokers: Speaking of Ayoade, he teamed up with fellow-Brit in what is one of the best British comedy shows ever - Time Trumpet. Iannucci is now making Veep, which also has a new season approaching.

Have a look at the Veep trailer here: [bc:3183695380001]

Also, take a look at Ayoade and Iannucci in Time Trumpet here (Iannucci is the narrator): [[yt:ymxLcIsgJ_s]]

Lego Men: Finally, while we're on comedy, The Lego Movie has just released a blooper reel. It's pretty funny, and the last joke is the best:

Lego Bloopers: [bc:3199642811001]

Which of these clips was your favorite? Are there any other trailers you would like to see? Get involved below - and maybe next week we can see one of your suggestions in next week's roundup.



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