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What is the strangest case of bizarre sexual behavior you've ever heard of? Readily available (and often sensationalized) global media makes stories such as these easily accessible, but a skillfully made documentary makes the difference between uninformed tabloid gawping and a truly empathetic experience. Read on to discover more about the weirdest sex documentaries that may be of interest to enquiring minds.

5. The Man Who Ate His Lover

Armin Meiwes & Bernd Brandes in 'The Man Who Ate His Lover' [Credit: Channel 4]
Armin Meiwes & Bernd Brandes in 'The Man Who Ate His Lover' [Credit: Channel 4]
  • Released: 2004

The Man Who Ate His Lover is a true-crime documentary from Channel 4's Bodyshock series, famous for its unflinching investigation into extremes of body deformity and depravity — other luridly titled episodes include Megatumour and The Girl with Eight Limbs — but none are so highly publicized as the case of Germany's Armin Meiwes.

On March 9, 2001 two men with extreme sexual fantasies met. One (Meiwes) dreamed of eating another man, the other (Brandes) wanted to be eaten. They arranged the meeting online under the pseudonyms Franky and Cator on a website called The Cannibal Cafe, the culmination of several failed attempts to indulge their impulses. Brandes had previously offered thousands to prostitutes to bite off his penis, but they all refused. Both were, until the day they met, law-abiding and seemed fairly normal to people who knew them.

The pair cut off Brandes's penis, but burned it badly in the cooking process. In giving his life for his fantasy, Brandes was not properly cannibalized by Meiwes and the charred organ was eventually fed to Meiwes's dog.

Brandes bled out for hours in the bathtub while Meiwes read a Star Trek novel downstairs. When Brandes took too long to die, Meiwes stabbed him in the throat.

He buried the skin and innards in his garden, packing the meat into blue freezer boxes. He cooked an arm bone in the oven and grated it to make flour, and decorated a foot on a plate. Months later, all that police recovered of Brandes was 10kg of meat and the remains buried in the garden. The tape of the murder was never released.

4. Zoo

Poster art for 'Zoo' [Credit: THINKFilm]
Poster art for 'Zoo' [Credit: THINKFilm]
  • Released: 2007

Surprisingly artsy and unsensational for a story about a man buggered to death by a horse, THINKFilm follows the strange tale of Kenneth "Mr. Hands" Pinyan and "Big Dick," a horse used for sex by a group of zoophiles in Enumclaw, Washington.

Bestiality wasn't actually illegal in the state at the time — one of those laws nobody ever got around to making because they assumed it would never happen, perhaps — and James Tait, who ran the farm/sex ring where Pinyan incurred his fatally perforated colon speaks frankly about the operation:

"Maybe I just wanna grab a horse by its nuts and feel its balls, how they feel, well, you know, they're warm. The horse is still the biggest thing out there on the internet."

While the film itself contains some fairly bizarre re-enactments and willfully obscure artistic stylings, a fascinating companion piece to the documentary is Vice's interview with Zoo writer Charles Mudede, who offers more explicit detail about the sexual complexities of the zoophiles of Enumclaw:

"They would literally bend over and wait for the horse to fuck them. They'd also put some type of scent on themselves — the pheromone people use to get horses to breed... Their thing was about getting fucked in the ass. There were others who liked that, but that was not their circle. They wanted the studs and the bulls. Never cows. There was this element of cocks, big cocks. They never talked about pussies.

If my memory stands correct, these men were also fucking each other. After they got fucked by a horse, they'd play games with each other and their stretched assholes."

3. Pervert Park

Tracy breaks down as she recounts abuse she has both experienced and meted out to her own son in 'Pervert Park' [Credit: The Film Sales Company]
Tracy breaks down as she recounts abuse she has both experienced and meted out to her own son in 'Pervert Park' [Credit: The Film Sales Company]
  • Released: 2014

Frida and Lasse Barkfors's documentary offers a no-frills series of interviews with the residents at Palace Mobile Home Park in St. Petersburg, Florida. All of the staff and all of the tenants are sex offenders, with crimes varying from internet grooming to multiple child rape. Without overanalyzing or being condescending to their subjects, the Barkfors let them tell their own stories, and every one of them is harrowing.

Here's an account from one of the interviewees, Gary, whose life started off horribly:

"When I was 6 years old there was a babysitter that would fondle me and my brother, do things to us sexually... she would get us naked, she would do things to us with her panties, she would masturbate us, she would rub her vagina on our faces, that kind of thing. The same babysitter, she had brought this doll over, and cut a hole in it where the vagina should be, and she showed my brother how to have intercourse with this doll, and my mother walked in on my brother doing this, and she put tabasco sauce on his penis, I remember him howling... she didn't ask him where he learned that, she just punished him."

Despite achieving some semblance of normalcy in adulthood, he fell into a downward spiral when his wife and child were killed by a drunk driver. After 20 years of destroying himself, he drove to Mexico and raped a 5-year-old girl.

It's awful to see broken people become abusers in an attempt to counteract the pain from their own abuse, especially the park's only female resident, Tracy, who was told she would never conceive because "all of my insides were messed up from being messed with when I was little." Addicted to drugs to cope with the sexual abuse in her childhood, Tracy was given an abortion at 11, and was still sleeping with her rapist father in adulthood. The circumstances of her offense were so twisted and outlandish, it's hard not to feel empathy for her — and for all of the residents of Palace Mobile Home Park.

2. Chicken Hawk: Men Who Love Boys

Leyland Stevenson in 'Chickenhawk' [Credit: Stranger Than Fiction Films]
Leyland Stevenson in 'Chickenhawk' [Credit: Stranger Than Fiction Films]
  • Released: 1994

Adi Sideman's documentary about South Park favorites NAMBLA may be the most perfect example of "give 'em enough rope and they'll hang themselves" you will ever see. Refraining from overly intrusive voiceover comments, Sideman simply gives pedophiles the mic and lets them talk, including prominent National American Man/Boy Love Association spokesman Leyland Stevenson.

Creepily softly spoken and with the sheen of delusion in his eyes, Stevenson breathily recounts past experiences of his abuse of young boys as if they were beautiful scenes of poetic lovemaking — even drawing a religious parallel: "I want to sing praises to the almighty for having created something so wonderful."

If any viewers were fooled by the gentle manner and heavy denial in the first half of the documentary, however, the true nature of the beast shows through by the end. Stevenson descends into wild ranting, mostly directed at society's disapproval of his feelings (a theme picked up wonderfully, many years later, in Love + Radio's podcast "Red Dot"). Stevenson's own words, convoluted and calculated though they may be, cannot hide the grisly truth of his predatory behavior when he recounts his personal memories of "boy loving":

"We went on a camping trip arranged by him, in order to arrange intimacy... He positioned himself in such a way that nature would take its course and he would experience within himself a part of the body of his friend and so laying as he did on his side producing the natural consequence of this event I may say that this was sufficiently stimulating that no lubricant was desired or required, that is, nature or life simply produced its own for this occasion. "

1. Married To The Eiffel Tower

Erika Eiffel and her wife, the Eiffel Tower [Credit: Channel 5]
Erika Eiffel and her wife, the Eiffel Tower [Credit: Channel 5]
  • Released: 2008

Channel 5's documentary on objectum sexuality is one of the strangest things you will ever see. Focusing only on women who have previously had passionate affairs with a guillotine, a bow, a fence, or the Berlin Wall, we are treated to not only candid interviews, but a look at the women interacting with their inanimate partners.

According to the subjects of the film, objectum sexuality is totally pansexual and polyandrous — that is, one can be married to the Eiffel Tower (referred to as "she" in the film) and have simultaneous relationships with other objects of different inferred genders.

It's a fascinating topic, and the women featured are remarkably forthcoming about their love — both emotional and sexual — with their love objects. Amy, who was once ejected from her local church for engaging sexually with its organ, is in love with a carnival ride called 1001 Nacht. She happily chats to the filmmakers about her relationship with the machine, who she reads as male:

"He's just so noble, so proud, so strong. We're not talking about fetish here, I love him for the narrowness of his jibs...

When I'm climaxing, when we're making love at home, just when I start going over the edge I keep saying 'I want your fluids, I want your fluids...'"

Have you seen any bizarre sex documentaries you could recommend to other enquiring minds? Share the most interesting ones you've found comments below.


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