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It's clear that The Big Bang Theory is loved all around the globe, and because of that, CBS has no intention of canceling the show just yet. With Season 11 just around the corner, fans have so many questions they want answers to. Will Amy say yes to Sheldon's proposal? Are Leonard and Penny getting divorced like the rumors say? Will we ever get to meet Howard and Bernadette's baby, Halley Wolowitz?

The day Halley was born, fans were disappointed when they didn't get a small glimpse of her little cute face. However, we did hear her crying in the nursery, so that's a bonus. Ever since Halley was born, fans have never seen Halley in Howard or Bernadette's arms, it's just a cry in the background, which sound almost exactly like Howard's mother, Debbie Wolowitz. But why will we never see Howard and Bernadette's daughter?

There's A Loving Reason Why

'The Big Bang Theory' [Credit: Warner Bros. TV]
'The Big Bang Theory' [Credit: Warner Bros. TV]

Carol Ann Susi, who voiced Debbie Wolowitz, passed away on November 11, 2014 following a battle with cancer. Mrs. Wolowitz was never seen on screen; we only saw very quick glimpses of her. The reason bosses have chosen not to show baby Halley Wolowitz on screen pays tribute to Carol Ann Susi. During an interview, showrunner Steven Molaro said:

"She is a loving tribute to her grandmother — this is a nice way for us to keep [Mrs. Wolowitz] alive. It also means we don't have to have a baby on the set, so it solved lots of problems."

From here onwards, Halley will honor both the character Debbie Wolowitz and actress Carol Ann Susi. Will Halley turn out to be just like her grandmother? Time will tell.

Last Points

The main stars of The Big Bang Theory (and baby Halley) return to our screens on September 25, 2017. Season 11 is the start of a new two-year-contract for the cast. Following the premiere of Season 11, Episode 1, The Big Bang Theory spin-off show makes its debut appearance on television. The spin-off will tell the story of Sheldon in his early days at school.

With The Big Bang Theory now a decade old, what has been your favorite moment from the hit sitcom? Sound off in the comments!


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