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The Big Bang Theory fans are no strangers to Sheldon's go-to song for when he's feeling under the weather. Sheldon's mother used to sing "Soft Kitty" to him when he'd get sick as a child. Over the course of 10 seasons on The Big Bang Theory, we have heard Penny, Sheldon himself, Leonard and Sheldon's mother sing the song, and towards the end of last season, we even saw Sheldon's girlfriend, Amy, sing the song in three different languages: English, German and Mandarin.

But have you ever heard alternate lyrics to the song?

The showrunners and some of the cast members made an appearance at , and they decided to do something different this year: The Big Bang Theory panel ended with a "Soft Kitty" singalong. But the song wasn't all about the kitty who's soft like the fans are used to; "Soft Bunny" and "Hard Turtle" joined in as well for the alternate lyrics.

With Young Sheldon Season 1 currently in production, we wonder whether these alternate lyrics may have something to do with the spinoff show. Maybe Sheldon's mother tried out the other two songs as well with Sheldon preferring "Soft Kitty" over the other two?

This could well be a storyline in Young Sheldon. So, keep your eyes out for this one.

Which one do you prefer: "Soft Kitty," "Soft Bunny" or "Hard Turtle"? Let us know in the comments section down below.


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