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Earlier this week, news broke that are hoping to keep The Big Bang Theory going long after the show is over in the form of a prequel following a young Sheldon Cooper. There's not much known about the project yet, but we do know that it will be shot with in a single-camera format (like Community) rather than Big Bang Theory's multi-camera shooting technique. We also know it will focus on a teenage Sheldon; none of the main cast are attached to the project, aside from Jim Parsons, who will produce the show. Insiders describe the show as:

The Big Bang Theory is in its 10th season, and remains TV's biggest comedy, raking in the highest ratings in the 18-49 demographic. There's no talk of Season 11 yet, so it's wise of CBS to try tackle other TV shows set in the same universe, especially around its most popular character: Dr. Sheldon Cooper.

Photo Credit: CBS
Photo Credit: CBS

Casting a young Sheldon Cooper is going to be no easy feat for CBS, mainly due to how perfect Jim Parsons is in the role. Sheldon is by far The Big Bang Theory's most loved character, due to his confidence, social-awkwardness and disregard of everybody around him. This poses the tough question — who can play a teenage version of Sheldon Cooper before he learned how to have a girlfriend, understand sarcasm and treat people better? Let's count down 5 candidates!

1. Ty Simpkins

Photo Credit: Marvel
Photo Credit: Marvel

Age: 15

Notable Roles: Jurassic World, Iron Man 3 (above)

I'm going to start off this list with the young actor I would personally like to play the role of a young Sheldon Cooper. Ty Simpkins has had a promising career so far, starring in two major blockbusters that have a combined total earning of 2.73 billion dollars (Jurassic World, Iron Man 3). These sort of earnings means this guy is be used to having a lot of weight on his shoulders, so this task would be a breeze for him.

I'd like to see Ty Simpkins mainly due to his role in Iron Man 3, where he played a crafty little kid who was like a young . He will need to move away from the engineering side of things if he wants to play Sheldon, however, because we know how Sheldon feels about engineers...

2. Jacob Tremblay

Age: 10

Notable Roles: Room, The Smurfs 2

You may be thinking that 10 years old is too young to play this role of a "teenage" Sheldon Cooper, but you have to take into consideration how long it takes one of these projects to get off the ground. The TV show has only just been announced and is still in the writing stage, so by the time it shoots, Jacob Tremblay could be a perfect age.

If you don't know who this little man is, then you need to watch the surprise hit, Room (also starring ). He was absolutely phenomenal in the role of Jack and caught they eye of everybody in Hollywood. His charm and confidence in real life could be wonderfully translated on the small screen. For me, he's the most likeable young actor in Hollywood right now, but he could be too busy to even consider a television role as he has 3 films on the way (The Book of Henry, Wonder and Shut In).

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3. David Mazouz

Photo Credit: Warner Bros.
Photo Credit: Warner Bros.

Age: 15

Notable Roles: Touch, Gotham (above)

You may recognize David Mazouz for his role as on the hit TV show, Gotham, which is currently into it's 3rd season now on Warner Brothers Television. It would make it difficult for him to play Sheldon if Gotham stays running for a few more years, but if Gotham was to ever get cancelled, he would be a solid choice to play young Sheldon. If you watch Gotham, then you can see hints of his confident arrogance; a quality which will be absolutely essential for our young Sheldon.

4. Levi Miller

Photo Credit: Warner Brothers
Photo Credit: Warner Brothers

Age: 14

Notable Roles: Pan (above)

You may recognize Levi Miller for his portrayal of in 2015's flop, Pan, alongside Hugh Jackman. He may look rather young, but this confident actor is the perfect age to play the young Sheldon Cooper.

Levi Miller must have caught they eye of a few directors since starring in Pan, as he recently starred in the CW's , playing Carter Grant and he also has a few upcoming projects being released in the next 2 years. His most notable upcoming movie is A Wrinkle in Time, which is currently filming and due for a 2018 release. This fantasy-film is about a kid's scientist father disappearing, and three kid's quest in space to try find him.

5. Finn Wolfhard

Photo Credit: Netflix
Photo Credit: Netflix

Age: 13

Notable Roles: Stranger Things (above)

We've had some slightly nerdy people on this list so far, but this is Sheldon Cooper we're talking about, so it's time to introduce Finn Wolfhard. This very talented young actor took the world by storm over summer in the incredibly popular show, Stranger Things. He played one of the main characters, Mike Wheeler, who housed the estranged Eleven and kept her safe. His nerdiness and sass would be an ideal fit to play a young Sheldon Cooper.

The filming schedule for shows is not as demanding as other TV shows, so this would make way for him to film for CBS in their Big Bang Theory prequel. This would have to be when Finn is done filming his next film, which is the highly-anticipated It sequel.

Photo Credit: CBS
Photo Credit: CBS

This type of casting is one that should take a long time, because they really need to get it right with a character like Sheldon Cooper. It's very possible that they'll cast an unknown actor in the role, but I'm hopeful that they'll cast one of the five talented actors on this list (especially Ty Simpkins). I'd love to know who you guys would like to see cast in the role, let me know in the comments!


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