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In Greek mythology Hercules is essentially the God of Badass. And in a few months we get to watch him get even more badass when The Rock "rocks" him on the big screen. So until then, I thought we could talk about all the other badasses named "Hercules", know, in the spirit of Badass-ness:

Hercules, the world's largest living cat:

Well, first off, he's a legit liger. So let's just take a moment to get this out of the way: Hercules was born 12 years ago at an endangered species preserve completely by accident - an unexpected result of lions and tigers kept in the same large enclosures.

He was recently entered into the 2014 Guinness Book of World Records as the largest living cat at 922 pounds, 11 feet long and 4 feet tall.

Hercules is extremely healthy - he consumes 20-25 pounds of meat a day and is expected to live a long life. He's also really sweet.

Hercules the Scottish Wrestling Bear

Hercules, born in 1980, was a trained grizzly bear and house pet of British wrestler Andi Robin. He was a prominent "wrestling bear", meaning he was literally trained to wrestle humans for entertainment.

His most notable performance was wrestling Roger Moore in the James Bond movie Octopussy ('83). He made more headlines when he escaped from the set of an Andrex commercial and went missing for 24 days. He was eventually spotted by a crofter and helicoptered back to Andy.

Hercules died in 2000 of old age. Andi's wife, Maggie, expressed her sorrow: "Our lives dulled a little from that day onwards and we miss him still."

The Hercules Beetle

The Hercules Beetle (aka Dynastes hercules) is the largest of all rhinoceros beetles, native to South America, Central America and the Caribbean. They can lift more than 850 times their weight, and often reach 7 inches long.

Hercules beetles are often kept as pets, particularly in Japan where they're considered to be good-luck charms and symbols of strength and tenacity. They often sell for upwards of $350.



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