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If you still have been waiting for Warner Bros. top secret Wonder Twins, you should give up. The superhero movie, supposed to feature Mila Kunis & Ashton Kutcher, was revealed to be a big hoax by its creator, Pat Evans.

Evans made the movie bluff pretty believable: the poster of Wonder Twins was sent to Midtown Comics, a popular New York City comic book retailer, who posted images of it, featuring even a Warner Bros logo. Only the 2014 release date and the actors were a bit suspicious, since and are a real-life couple.

In an interview with Marc Tyler Nobleman on Noblemania, Evans talked about how the idea was born in his head and how he managed to punk the whole internet community with 2013's biggest movie hoax:

Seriously, though... with the spate of superhero movies being released, I think it was just me thinking it would be fun to do a spoof version of one. I thought, "What would be the most preposterous superhero movie you could make?" Naturally, the Wonder Twins sprang to mind.

They were perfect, because it was just unbelievable enough a concept that it could be true, if that makes sense. "So crazy it might work" kind of logic. And Mila Kunis and Ashton Kutcher were kind of the clincher because they are in the media a lot now as a real-life couple. So it added that extra layer of "huh?"

One of the popular theories speculated that it was a poster for the upcoming Entourage movie. Evans said:

Also unfortunately, I didn't think to change the release date from when I originally conceived the idea. I should have changed it to 2015— maybe that would have made it more believable as an actual film. Of course, with IMDB and everything now, it takes people about five seconds to figure out the truth anyway.

But what was weird is because people assumed that it was officially from Warner Brothers, it must be part of some sort of marketing gimmick for the Entourage movie because of their fake Aquaman movie and since it is due out in 2014. One person put forth that assumption online, and a lot of people ran with it. Repeat it enough times and it's true!

So to finish answering your last question: I sent it to Midtown and the other more well-known comic shops in New York, L.A., and Chicago because I wasn't able to pull off any great reactions at Comikaze and I had about half of the posters still left. So I said what the hell, I’ll send it to some comic shops and see what happens. I wanted to do something with them after all the trouble of having them made.

Evans also commented on the magnitude of the hoax:

I was pretty blindsided. Very surprising. It was pretty big: Cinema Blend, Huffington Post, Superhero Hype, Slashfilm, etc., plus it was the subject of several YouTube videos like AMC Movie Talk—where John Schnepp actually busts it as a fake. I gave him a poster at Comikaze. You were supposed to keep it a secret, damn you, John! Of course people already knew it was fake, they just didn't know what to make of it.

Wonder Twins poster

The extraterrestrial superhero duo, Jayna and Zan, made their first appearance in the American animated Hanna-Barbera TV series called Super Friends. Their powers are activated when they touch each other and say, "Wonder Twin powers activate!"

(source: Noblemania via ComicBookMovie)

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