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Alisha Grauso

Here at Moviepilot, we hear news about a lot of television show pilots in the works. A lot. A lot. Some of them are interesting, a lot of them are "meh". And a rare few pique my interest and actually make me say, "You know, that sounds really good..."

's The Blacklist is just such a show. The project, announced earlier this year, will focus on a criminal mastermind and most wanted man on the FBI's list, who suddenly offers to turn himself in and give up the names of every criminal and corrupt fed he's ever worked with - but only if he can work with a brand-spankin'-new FBI agent to whom he has no obvious connection.

But who to cast in the lead? According to Deadline, none other than the fantastic has been cast in the lead role of Red, the former Army intelligence officer turned mastermind "facilitator" (or the guy who brokers deals for criminals, for all you law-abiding citizens out there). Spader, most well-known for his role as Alan Shore in Boston Legal (even though to me he'll always be known as Steff from Pretty in Pink), will be joining a cast that includes (Blue Bloods) in the role as Elizabeth Keen, the rookie FBI agent to whom Red attaches himself.

Spader is a phenomenal actor, and will be able to bring a lot of depth to an already complex role. He'll make it interesting for us as he reveals the real reasons that Red decides to sell out his very, very dangerous friends (and himself).

No word yet on when the pilot will be hitting the airwaves, but we'll keep you posted.


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