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One of the more promising upcoming series of 2017 is The Blacklist: Redemption. The spin-off of , NBC's James Spader-led series, isn't set to premiere until next month, but NBC has graciously offered up a first look sneak peek at the upcoming thriller series. And even though it's short, it still manages to ramp up the expectations for the spinoff.

Redemption will mark the return of some popular Blacklisters such as Susan "Scottie" Hargrave (played by 's Famke Janssen) and Matias Solomon (played by Edi Gathegi). The show will also place Ryan Eggold, who portrays Tom Keen on the flagship series, in leading role opposite Janssen. Their relationship on the series has been previously described as similar to that of Red (James Spader) and Elizabeth Keen (Megan Boone).

Courtesy: The Blacklist (NBC)
Courtesy: The Blacklist (NBC)

aired a backdoor pilot through the original series during the final three episodes of Season 4. This was when it was revealed to The Blacklist fans that Tom Keen and Susan Hargrave are actually mother and son. That information, supplied by Reddington, was only disclosed to Tom during the backdoor pilot. Red also revealed that Susan Hargrave believes her son to be dead having been taken from her as a young child. The mystery surrounding Tom's abduction, however, is shrouded in secrecy and will likely be explored in the new show.

Another question viewers have been asking is what kind of connection the spin-off will have to the original series and what sort of dynamic shakeup will alter the relationship between Tom and Elizabeth. After all, Tom has to be seeking redemption for a reason. Sure, it could just be for all the horrible things he's done in his life, but I'm willing to bet it's centered around something far more deep and personal.

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Janssen and Eggold will also be joined by the likes of Lost veteran Terry O'Quinn as Tom's father, Adrian Martinez as a fellow operative, and returning member from The Blacklist, Tawny Cypress, as Janssen's right-hand woman, Nez. The first season is scheduled to run for eight episodes with a further commitment likely if the show proves its worth in the ratings. Given the recent ratings slump by the flagship series, how well the show performs may end up deciding either the bright future of the franchise or the untimely demise of both series.

The Blacklist: Redemption will premiere February 23 on NBC. Will you be tuning in to see the new spinoff series?


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