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The Bling Ring is an upcoming movie inspired by actual events. (For some, that’s all they need to know to go see a film). “What event is it based on?” I hear you ask.

A few years ago, five 'delightful' fame-OBSESSED young adults decided it would be a fun idea to use the power of the internet to locate where their favourite celebs lived, and steal their most loved and expensive possessions. (Just as a souvenir from unofficial Beverly Hills Tours, as you do).

When you hear the song "212", you know bad things are gonna happen (such as that song being stuck in your head!).

Most people will be shocked when they see ditch the sweet little facade for a pair of bug eyed sunglasses and an American accent; let's see if she gains credit as a versatile actress!

Paris Hilton's face makes a cameo: on a sofa, on a cushion, on a wall…EVERYWHERE!! (I think we should all mentally prepare ourselves for that). Some will probably not even bother seeing this film because of its frivolous title, but remember folks: don’t judge a book by its cover. I think it will be interesting and entertaining. It will most definitely demonstrate today’s culture, where kids/spoiled brats will do almost anything to get attention from the media and gain notoriety, whether it is via “YouTube” or the new “Facebook famous” platform (yes that last one does exist).

I personally cannot wait to see this film; it looks as if it will be funny, intense and shocking. I do have my concerns however, I just hope it isn’t a hyped up piece of crap with hideous dialogue.

I have a good feeling about this one...we definitely aren’t in Hogwarts anymore.

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