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Matt Carter

When it was announced recently that the premiere of Arrested Development Season 4 was being pushed back to May, I was worried that the long-awaited comeback of the show was nothing more than a cruel illusion being played on us (not a trick though. A trick is what whores do for money). Happily, it seems my worries have been eased as two new images from the fourth season have hit, featuring a couple of familiar faces and the return of the ol' Bluth Company stair car. Check them out:

(via Buzzsugar)

The images don't give much away in terms of spoilers, but it feels nice to be back in the company of Michael Bluth () and George Michael () again.

Netflix will premiere all 14 episodes of Arrested Development Season 4 on May 4th, with each episode focusing on a different character. I'm more excited than Tobias Funke at a Blue Man Group show.

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