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Last year, I was heartbroken when it was announced that the publishers of writer Alvin Schwartz's amazing, iconic, and all around amazing Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark would destroy half of the book by replacing the terrifying artwork of Stephen Gammell with tamer drawings from Brett Helquist. The combined stories and artwork entertained me throughout the year and really planted the seeds for my interests in all things horror, which is why I'm delighted and optimistically cautious about an apparent movie adaptation of the book.

CBS Films has accepted a pitch from Saw writers and that won't exactly be a horror anthology. Instead, the story will focus on a "a group of outcast kids who stand up to their fears to save their town when nightmares come to life," according to Deadline.

Let's just hope that they go all the way with re-creating the horrific imagery of the original tales like this:

(source: Deadline)

Are you guys ready to finally see this adapted or do you feel like you're childhood will be destroyed? Let me know below and on Twitter


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