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I'm a good bowler, and a good man.

The awards season is about to begin and the candidates are beginning to roll into view. One new one, that's got a distinctly throwback feel, is The Book Thief. It's the inspirational story of a young girl in Nazi Germany and depicts her relationship with her foster parents and the Jewish fighter she hides in their home.

And it's debuted a new trailer for ya'll to check out:

So what do we all think?

It's admirable to take such a horrendous period of history and spin a tale of hope from it. The Book Thief is just that: hopeful. The story of the young girl () hiding the Jewish fist fighter from the Nazi authorities is one that will stand the test of time, and strikes a human note that can appeal to all.

But, in the trailer at least, it seems to lay the sentiment on very thick. Particularly, the voiceover at the end with the man warbling that 'words will inspire her, courage will guide her'. It leads us into rather schmaltzy territory. Remove that warbling, and I believe we have a far better trailer.

Basically, if you prefer your films devoid of over-sentimentality, this movie looks like one to avoid. And being unfamiliar with the book, I'm confused. What does she exactly do for the community? Obviously, she is hiding the Jewish man, but what else, the trailer doesn't make clear. I look forward to finding out.

Oscar chances? I'm not sure. The Academy has a thing for sentimental feelgood tales (just how did Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close do it otherwise?), but this year the competition seems to be tight. With some storming performances ( maybe?), some acting nods could be up for grabs, but the jury's out until we see the movie.

The Book Thief is due to open November 15th. Will you be watching it?


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