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After the commotion around the announcement of , you'd expect the popular manga adaptation to clean up at the box office — especially considering 's controversial casting as the main character in a Japanese adventure was justified among other reasons by the ticket-selling potential of her name on the poster.

Yet the live-action remake of the anime favorite performed poorly this weekend, while the box office crown went to an unexpected new release: Dreamworks's , an animated feature based on a children's book where a family's new baby turns out to be a ruthless businessman on a mission to overthrow puppies in the eternal fight for cuteness.

'The Boss Baby' Dominated This Weekend's Box Office

You'd think that with massive, family-oriented releases such as Beauty and the Beast and Power Rangers currently in theaters, a non-Disney animated movie would have trouble breaking through. Not The Boss Baby, Dreamworks' latest offering that opened in theaters this weekend. The PG-rated comedy made $49 million at the domestic box office, taking the No. 1 spot and surpassing Disney's tale as old as time, which brought in $47 million in its third weekend. Adding its international performance, the movie achieved an excellent $108 million opening worldwide.

Adapted from Marla Frazee's children's book of the same name, The Boss Baby's plot derives from the all too familiar feeling that the eldest sibling gets when a new baby joins the family: The newcomer is suddenly ruling everything. Starring Alec Baldwin, the movie takes the story even further by making the bossy baby an actual businessman, working to counter the rise of cute puppies in the hearts of humans.

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'Ghost In The Shell' Barely Leaves A Mark At The Box Office

'Ghost in the Shell' [Credit: Paramount Pictures]
'Ghost in the Shell' [Credit: Paramount Pictures]

Results weren't so bright for Ghost in the Shell, the live-action adaptation of the popular manga of the same name. While the movie was overly present in headlines ahead of its release, mainly due to the whitewashing controversy surrounding the casting of Scarlett Johansson as Major Motoko Kusanagi, it failed to convince critics and audiences alike.

Comparing Ghost in the Shell to The Boss Baby, it's clear that audiences are flocking toward movies that feel cheerful and easy to watch. Domestically, Ghost in the Shell made a mere $19 million, so even with its $40 million international gross, it's still far from earning back its $110 million budget. Currently sitting at 43 percent on Rotten Tomatoes, it can only hope to rely on its upcoming release in China and Japan for a boost. While it'd be a shame if it impacts Johansson's future box office-making power, we can only hope it'll teach Hollywood a lesson on remaking beloved stories.

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