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Most older siblings look back wistfully on the days of being an only or a youngest child, before that new little whippersnapper showed up on the scene and started hogging every last drop of attention. But what if it turned out that the fresh little bundle of joy was secretly a tyrannical businessman in disguise? That's exactly what happens in , a new animated series from , which hits theaters on March 31, 2017.

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The Boss Baby is based on the children's book of the same name by Marla Frazee. Tim Templeton, a happy, sibling-free seven-year-old is just living his life when one day, his parents — for reasons unknown — decide to bring home a new baby brother. But this is no ordinary baby. The titular tot, voiced by , is every big sibling's nightmare, monopolizing the affections of Mom and Dad and leaving poor Tim out in the cold. But when an even more nefarious plan to steal all the love in the world comes to light, then both brothers have to team up to save the day.

Get to know the talented voice cast of The Boss Baby below.

1. Alec Baldwin - The Boss Baby

Alec Baldwin as The Boss Baby
Alec Baldwin as The Boss Baby
  • Previous Work: Saturday Night Live, Paris Can Wait, Concussion, Back in the Day, Andron, The SpongeBob SquarePants Movie (voice), The Fairly OddParents (voice)

The most successful Baldwin brother already has plenty of experience playing a giant baby businessman from his time emulating Donald Trump on SNL. Can't wait to see what new levels of hilarity he brings to this tiny tyrant.

2. Lisa Kudrow - Mrs. Templeton

Lisa Kudrow as Mrs. Templeton
Lisa Kudrow as Mrs. Templeton
  • Previous Work: Friends, Scandal, Web Therapy, The Comeback, Romy & Michelle's High School Reunion, The Girl on the Train, Mad About You

Kudrow capitalized on her quirkiness while she was portraying everyone's favorite Friend, Phoebe Buffay. Hopefully she'll be able to bring some of that charming strangeness to the role of Tim's endearingly oblivious mom!

3. Jimmy Kimmel - Mr. Templeton

Jimmy Kimmel as Mr. Templeton
Jimmy Kimmel as Mr. Templeton
  • Previous Work: Jimmy Kimmel Live!, The Man Show, The Smurfs 2 (voice), Crank Yankers, The Man Show

is used to playing himself most of the time, so we can expect Tim's dad to have the same comedic delivery and timing as this show host.

4. Miles Christopher Bakshi - Tim Templeton

Miles Christopher Bakshi as Tim Templeton
Miles Christopher Bakshi as Tim Templeton
  • Previous Work: Puss in Boots: The Three Diablos (voice), Scared Shrekless (voice), Shrek Forever After (voice), Shrek the Halls (voice)

For such a young actor, has already gained substantial experience doing voice over work in several Dreamworks Animation shorts (see above). The Boss Baby will be his first time having a main role in a feature length film.

5. Tobey Maguire - Older Tim Templeton

Tobey Maguire / The Great Gatsby
Tobey Maguire / The Great Gatsby

Previous Work: Spider-Man, The Great Gatsby, Labor Day, Pawn Sacrifice, Cats & Dogs (Voice), The Cider House Rules

We've already seen hone is narration skills as Nick Carraway in The Great Gatsby, so it'll be fun to find out how he does narrating a cheerier kids movie.

6. Steve Buscemi - Francis E. Francis

Steve Buscemi / Boardwalk Empire
Steve Buscemi / Boardwalk Empire

Previous Work: Charlotte's Web (voice), The Sopranos, Igor (voice), Rage, Handsome Harry, G-Force (voice), Grown-Ups, 30 Rock, Monsters University (voice)

The role of the villainous Francis E. Francis was originally intended for Kevin Spacey, but when that contract fell through, stepped up to the plate. It makes perfect sense, since Buscemi already perfected his bad guy voice as in .

7. ViviAnn Yee - Staci

Previous Work: Modern Family, A Children's Song, The Crooked Man, Adam Ruins Everything

has appeared in numerous TV shows and short films, but is finally starting to break into the feature-length movie business. In addition to The Boss Baby, she's also starring in the drama , which should be hitting theaters in 2017.

The Boss Baby hits theaters on March 31, 2017.


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