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Matt Carter

Saddle up and get ready for a rough ride, because FX is taking us on a journey to the dangerous Old West. Deadline is reporting that the network has put in development a six-hour mini-series charting the criminal activity of the infamous Dalton Gang. Titled Desperadoes, the show chronicles the bank heists, train robbings and general nefarious activities of the gang, told from the perspective of the youngest brother Emmett Dalton.

Desperadoes is based on the 1979 novel by Ron Hansen and sees a 65 year old Emmett living in Hollywood in 1935, making money by regaling Hollywood with his outrageous tales of villainy and murder.

The show had been adapted for the small screen by , who wrote the screenplay for the gritty Western Appaloosa.

Will you be checking out Desperadoes when it airs on FX?


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