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Remakes are a scourge of modern cinema. Okay, not entirely - for every Total Recall, there's a Coen brothers' True Grit. But they are happening with such regularity, you start to wonder whether the old adage that Hollywood has run out of ideas is true.

Here's another one for the never-ending conveyor belt of recycled ideas: the Butterfly Effect. Remember that vehicle? Post-That 70's Show, it was one of his first big-screen vehicles, heralding in a decade of successes, flops and err...replacing on Two and a Half Men. Well, it's due for a remake according to Variety, having been greenlighted by New-Line offshoot Benderspink.

The original film did well. $96 million worldwide is nothing to sniff at for a project that cost merely $13 million, and there were straight-to-dvd sequels. From a financial standpoint then, it makes sense, but from a creative standpoint...not so much. Also, , who co-wrote the original, is due to return. Are we about to see a direct retread?

Regardless, how can this remake improve upon the original? One of the main problems of the original, in the eyes of the critics, was its inconsistent attitude to the Butterfly Effect theory itself and that the actions Kutcher's character committed should have had wider consequences. With this type of complicated, time-travel film, plotholes are easy to come by and the team behind this remake should beware of that. Otherwise, grab a star with the charisma and public profile of Kutcher and I'm sure they can fashion a hit from this (relatively unnecessary) remake.

How does everybody feel about the The Butterfly Effect Remake? Is it unnecessary? Or is it fine time to revisit the story? Get in touch below!



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