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It's a callous world filled with serial killers running riot in The Call, though luckily is on the case to take down evil as only a 911 dispatcher can.

In the new thriller from director (The Machinist), Berry plays a veteran emergency operator who inadvertently causes the death of a caller, a mistake which could be atoned for when a kidnapping situation (involving ) puts her in contact with the murderer again. Last week we got to see a first image from movie, and now there's this:

(via Yahoo! Movies)

Berry seems to do just fine here, as does Little Miss Sunshine's Breslin, but it's that seems like he's having the most fun with his villainous role.

Okay, so the pretty young victim and whispered phone calls look straight out of a Taken movie, and the ability for both parties to always hear each other perfectly - even during high-speed car chases - is laughable. Still, it looks like we could be dealing with an effective thriller here, especially if Anderson manages to keep that tension going throughout the movie. The scene of Breslin struggling to escape the trunk looked particularly promising.

Like the look of this high concept thriller? Did the trailer give too much away? Will you be answering The Call, when it hits theaters on March 15? Drop us your thoughts below and click the [[follow]] button to get the latest on this film as we get it.



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