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Today marks the day 's new prestige drama begins its reign over the streaming giant and, while we're all gearing up to buckle down and embark on a good old fashioned weekend of new age bingeing, it could be easy to get swept away by the glitz and glamor that make up 's most expensive series to date.

Yep, as you ride the carriage of plush monarchical glory through this weekend you could be forgiven for forgetting that each person is a portrayal of a real life counterpart. Luckily for you then, we've made the following handy guide so you can get a good idea of the actual royalty the cast of The Crown are here to play. You're welcome!

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1. Queen Elizabeth II - Claire Foy

It's not often you can drown a girl in diamonds and still be able to clock her perfect poise before the rocks, but perhaps that just reaffirms the fact that Claire Foy was obviously made for this role.

2. Philip Mountbatten, Duke of Edinburgh — Matt Smith

Sure, Prince Philip isn't the most affable creature to grace the earth, but the artist formerly known as Doctor Who is. Matt Smith oozes thoroughbred charm — and those biceps don't go amiss, either.

3. Sir Winston Churchill - John Lithgow

Top marks to Robert Sterne, The Crown's casting director, for this solid choice! There's a lot of stern wisdom lurking in John Lithgow's eyes, making him a great option to portray one of the most widely respected leaders the United Kingdom has ever known.

4. Queen Mother - Victoria Hamilton

You only need to take one look at Victoria Hamilton carrying off that mad, feather bedecked hat to know that this is a lady who'll have no trouble embodying the powerful, stalwart soul that was the Queen Mother.

5. King George VI - Jared Harris

Though they may not necessarily look alike, Jared Harris does King George VI justice, projecting the monarch's sense of duty and pulling off that uniform with ease.

6. Princess Margaret - Vanessa Kirby

Vanessa Kirby — who plays Queen Elizabeth's younger sister, Margaret — injects a carefree, lighthearted vibe to the series, which you can see from one glance at the funky AF shirt she's wearing in the above shot.

7. Queen Mary - Dame Eileen Atkins

Queen Mary is played by a legitimate, real life DAME, so do we even need to explain why Eileen Atkins is a worthy match for the role? No. No we do not.

Have you started watching The Crown yet? Let us know what you think in the comments!


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