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After the original show won millions of fans, expectations are high for the 2018 Roseanne revival, especially as the talented cast are set to reprise their roles 20 years after the series ended. Roseanne Barr, Laurie Metcalf, Sara Gilbert, Michael Fishman, Lecy Goranson, Sarah Chalke, and John Goodman reunited this month to begin shooting, and from what we can tell so far they all seem to be having a blast.

Back To 'Roseanne'

Just last week, Barr shared a picture of the table read, and now we have yet more behind-the-scenes photos of the revival. In the first Instagram video, posted by producer Whitney Cumming, the cast is coming together for their curtain call.

We also have a look at Roseanne herself with Laura Metcalf, who seems to be clutching the revival script.

Emma Kinney will also be joining the revival as Darlene's daughter, alongside newcomer Jayden Rey, and the actress recently shared a picture of them together on set.

We also got a new look at Darlene, Becky and DJ all grown up, courtesy of EP Cummings.

Sarah Chalk, who played Becky when Goranses left the show (twice!), will be joining the revival in a new role and Barr certainly seems happy to see her.

We also got a look at John Goodman alive and well on the show.

Instagram [Credit: @whitneycummings]
Instagram [Credit: @whitneycummings]

Micheal Fishman posted an Instagram picture of the seats in the show and captioned it "Let's do this!"

While there's no exact date set for the revival to air, we do know it'll be sometime in 2018 as an eight episode series. The ABC show was a hit in 1988 because of the refreshing way it handled comedy and family drama, and if the new revival is even half as amazing as the original series was, Roseanne fans certainly won't be disappointed.

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