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The remake of Stephen King’s It has been one that fans are dying to see eve since it was announced. The original miniseries holds a special place in a lot of people’s hearts, and for many, it is the reason they are utterly terrified of clowns – and for good reason!

The remake recently dropped its first trailer, and it was everything fans hoped it would be. The trailer shows that Warner Bros. remake kept the heart of the film, but updated it in a way that felt both new and familiar at the same time. Oh yeah, and it was also terrifying.

The trailer for It is creepy; however, we didn't suspect just how much creepier it could get with a few edits. A YouTuber by the name of But Without took it upon himself to mash-up the new trailer with another terrifying film — Mike Myer’s The Cat in the Hat — and the result of this marriage is both horrifying and oddly fitting.

Dr. Seuss's 'It'

This trailer simply replaces Pennywise the clown with Mike Myers’s The Cat In The Hat, and it makes the It trailer that much more terrifying. It is amazing how well the two properties fit together, and how The Cat in the Hat lends itself better to being in the horror genre than it does to children's cinema.

The Cat in the Hat is lurking in the sewers of Derry, Maine, and I genuinely find him scarier than a demon clown. I could deal with a clown, because I expect them to be scary. But a giant talking humanoid cat dressed like he’s going to a Jamiroquai concert is something else entirely. The Cat in the Hat is a perfect stand-in for Pennywise, and the creator of this video did an amazing job blending the two to create this nightmare.

Bill Skarsgard's 'It': more or less terrifying than a humanoid cat? [Credit: New Line Cinema]
Bill Skarsgard's 'It': more or less terrifying than a humanoid cat? [Credit: New Line Cinema]

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The true genius of this video is not the scenes where the Cat in the Hat replaced Pennywise, but in the scenes which are lifted straight from the Cat in the Hat film. The scene where the Cat’s strange vacuum contraption is climbing on the walls and ceilings is particularly chilling, and will undoubtedly become nightmare fodder for children and adults alike. Mike Myer’s over-the-top acting is almost as terrifying as Bill Skarsgård's haunting smirk, and the two are almost interchangeable in the “you’ll float too” scene at the end of the trailer.

This trailer was beautifully edited and it can hopefully give Hollywood the idea of adapting a Dr. Seuss story into a horror film – even though Cat in the Hat is already pretty horrific. This mash-up is amazing, and it only has us more hyped for the IT remake, which looks like it is going to hit all the right notes from the original. You can catch IT in theaters on September 8, 2017.


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