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Sophie Atkinson

's upcoming documentary, Salinger has revealed that JD Salinger's estate will be releasing five never-before-seen novels from the reclusive author for posthumous publication starting in 2015.

Salerno's 8-years-in-the-making feature documentary about the life of literary idol JD Salinger was already hotly anticipated. Salerno became something of a big name in Hollywood circles when he penned a critically acclaimed rewrite of Armageddon at the precociously young age of 24. He then wrote hit star vehicles like Shaft and Savages and has commanded seven figure salaries over the past few years. He's most recently signed on to pen 's Avatar 4.

Even more excitingly, he's ploughed all that money back into his self-funded JD Salinger documentary. Since documentaries rarely have millions of dollars' worth of budget to play around with, this suggested it would be impressive material...

As did the fact that he managed to keep the documentary secret from the world for five years. He recorded over 150 interviews with people like , and , and according to an insider, crew members had to sign 'CIA-worthy' non-disclosure agreements.

Now things get even more exciting. The New York Times revealed that the documentary reports that there are five unpublished manuscripts by JD Salinger. These include 'a story-filled manual' of the Vedanta religious philosophy, a book called The Family Glass, another short story collection called The Last and Best of Peter Pans, which will revisit the Caufield family we first met in The Catcher In The Rye, a novella based on Salinger's experiences as a soldier in World War II and a new novel set during the same period about the author's marriage.

I'm painfully obsessed with JD, so this is the biggest news of the decade for me. Given that The Catcher In The Rye still sells roughly 250,000 copies a year 62 years on from publication, whichever publishing house cuts a deal with the Salinger estate for these manuscripts is going to be making bank for the foreseeable future.

Are you equally (over)excited? Let me know below...

Salinger hits theaters on September 6.


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