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To avoid fainting, keep repeating 'It's only a movie...It's only a movie...'
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After a spate of creepy clown sightings, a man has been attacked by a knife-wielding clown. Simon Chinery was slashed with a knife by an assailant in full clown costume and face paint as he used an ATM in Blackburn, England.

Chinery told The Sun:

"He didn't have a mask on but his makeup looked scary. His eyes were piercing black. I panicked, he held the knife towards me and I used my instinct and tried to push the knife away. I grabbed it and he pulled. I worked against the blade and my fingers exploded. There was blood everywhere. It happened so quickly. I was in shock and ran home."

Psycho Head is mercifully fictional / Saban
Psycho Head is mercifully fictional / Saban

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Despite the horror of the attack, Chinery was brave enough to punch his attacker, allowing him to get way without further injury. The poor guy is a woodworking joiner by trade, and the damage to his hand is going to seriously affect his ability at his job:

"This attack has ruined my life. I am disabled from this and can't return to my trade. I am just glad I wasn't with my son. I was absolutely hysterical. I have been having nightmares and the pain is unreal."

Troublesome clown sightings have been reported in both England and the US, such as the following manhunt for a clown in Mesa.

Chinery railed against the creepy clown prank trend, stating that it encourages bad behavior:

"Parents and kids need to know what's happening because it's getting out of control. The police need to do something, it's a joke too far."

A spokesman for the police service handing the incident said of the case:

"A 28-year-old man was approached by someone dressed as a clown. It appears the male clown has pulled out a knife, which the victim tried to grab. He has received injuries to three fingers. An investigation has been launched."


Do you think that the creepy clown phenomenon is a real risk to society?

Check out some (mercifully fictional) creepy clowns to remind yourself what clowns should do: entertain people.

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