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Mark Newton

The Colony has been a movie which has managed to remain under the ice for a while now, however, it seems it's ready to surface with a dark and terrifying new trailer. Check it out below:


Well, from the looks it, The Colony looks to be The Day After Tomorrow crossed with 28 Days Later via John Carpenter's The Thing. Want an official synopsis? Take a look below:

Set during the next ice age, an outpost of colonists struggle to survive below the world's frozen surface. Short on supplies, and plagued by illness and internal conflict, the colonists suspect the worst when they mysteriously lose contact with their only other known settlement, Colony 5. When Colony 7's leader Briggs () decides to lead an expedition to discover what happened, he is challenged by Mason (), his former comrade-in-arms, who has his own ideas of what is best for the colonists. Briggs takes two volunteers on the mission, the young Graydon, and Sam (), a strong-willed mechanic who seizes the opportunity to confront the icy wasteland that orphaned him. When they reach their destination, the team discover a threat much worse than nature and must battle to save themselves and protect their fellow colonists in what might be humanity's last stand.

Do you think this combination of environmental disaster and zombie movies can work, or are you tired of both?


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