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Barbara Insfran

Unlike many other ghost movies, The Conjuring presented a very unique view to the paranormal. I am a huge fan of the well written scary ghost movies, but I haven’t seen many good ones in the last couple of years. To begin with, I am absolutely happy with the several movie previews that went viral; you could admire the thrill and suspense in the movie, the complex characters and also some of the amazing visual effects, but once you started watching the movie, you realize that most of what you saw on the advances did really not prepare you for what the full movie was about.

With a rather slow start, the movie builds suspense in a magnificent way by showing us what the Warren’s were doing and what the paranormal event victims were going through at the same time. The story of how the happy family moved to their new home and then slowly started to experience these strange activities that at the beginning could have passed as simple natural things.

The characters were rich in depth; each one had a special role to play, the performances by the actors were brilliant. The location was spectacular; you could see the house itself as a character on its own. And one of the most important things for me: there were no holes in the story. Each possible question was answered sooner or later in the movie, leaving you satisfied once the lights turned on and you had to leave your seat.

Spoiler Alert

I was delighted to see that the cursed doll was part of the beginning of the story but not a full part of it. I hope I am not the only one who was extremely satisfied to watch during the end credits the original photos of the real case, the original pictures of each member of the family and the Warrens as well, newspapers from the time with several articles related to the case or the Warrens. I have to be honest and admit some visual effects might have been a little over the top, such as the storm of birds (doves, crows, etc.) on the final night. Or perhaps the inverted cross on the belly of one of the filmed cases of the Warrens, shared to a public.

Yet even with this details that I believe are more personal tastes than anything, I would give The Conjuring a 4.5 stars out of 5.


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