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Even though The Conjuring's hype may have been scarier than the movie itself, one thing's for sure - Annabelle the doll was not okay for helping me get over my insomnia. If you thought dolls stopped being scary after the fifth Chucky movie, you'd be wrong. From The Twilight Zone, to fighting a Zuni fetish doll in Trilogy of Terror, to 's latest, creepy dolls are just that. Creepy. That's especially true if they're possessed by a demonic presence.

As such, I've found some images that are sure to haunt my nightmares in the form of alternate Annabelle designs. Considering the movie made $41.5 million, making it the largest opening for an original R-rated film ever, it's possible that the killer doll could make an appearance in The Conjuring 2. That is if Wan and co. feel like torturing me even more. Check out these images of dolls, possession, and demons:

Did you guys check out The Conjuring? Was it the scariest movie of the summer to you?

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