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Tino Jochimsen

We have about two months until we enter the hopefully magical kingdom of Oz, where we follow 's greatness seeking magician on his grand adventure; hopefully having lots of good old fun!

There are lots of 'hopefullys' here and (hopefully) you’ll excuse me about being doubtful about the prospects of Disney’s colorful fantasy adventure. But the shadow of one John Carter still looms large and one learns to be a bit careful when it comes to colorful big budget March releases...

Hence, this little countdown teaser for New Year’s Eve could be read in an either slightly anxious way ( with one closeed eye, like a passenger in a propeller-driven aircraft which might or might not crash into a mountain) or in a more optimistic way, hence basically saying 'we’re nearly there folks, there is a talking monkey after all, this is going to be awesome!'

If only because Oz The Great and Powerful really does feature a talking monkey, I for one, am inclined to go with the second option!

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