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After years in development hell, and long past the point people stopped thinking it was a good idea, the remake of 1994's The Crow has finally found its home...again. We think. According to The Hollywood Reporter, Sony Pictures has acquired the rights to distribute the project, which will be titled The Crow Reborn.

The endlessly rebooting reboot has been in the works for nearly a decade, and experienced back-and-forth tumult from the beginning. Directors came and went, actors came and went, then more actors came and went, then studios came and went, and it was mostly dead but then sometimes would spasm before being mostly dead again. Last in talks to get the movie going were Corin Hardy as director, and Jason Momoa as the titular character, who, as far as we know, are still attached. We're pretty sure. Maybe? Who knows. This is just our life now.

Here, watch the original trailer to remember a simpler, better time when Brandon Lee was the only Eric Draven we knew:

The original movie was based on James O'Barr's comic book of the same name. It followed the story of metal musician, , who was revived from the dead to avenge the murder of both him and his fiancée. The original was loved by fans but became part of Hollywood legend due to the uncanny tragedy that happened during filming: Lee died on set when he was accidentally shot with a real bullet from a prop gun rather than a blank. There were other mediocre-to-truly-awful sequels that were made from the '90s to early 2000s, which centered on other incarnations of , but the original is the only one fans recognize—as they should.

Clearly talking about Hollywood and the reboot attempts
Clearly talking about Hollywood and the reboot attempts

More information on the reboot should be headed our way in the near future, in theory. For now, we can only live in the perpetually uncertain state of confusion that The Crow Reborn has created.

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