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I have held off saying it, but it's now official: The Crow reboot is that annoying friend you had in high school. You know the one, she had a new boyfriend every week, and every time, it was different, THIS time, she LOVED him. And she couldn't understand it when you stopped believing her and didn't bother to learn the names of her new boyfriends until they'd stuck around for more than a month.

This week in the revolving cast of stars, has apparently been kicked to the curb. Cue the deep sigh from my corner, as I had been stoked when it seemed he was close to being inked for the role of Eric Draven. But now he's not.

, on the other hand, has been tapped into the ring as a potential suitor for the role. I legitimately don't know what to say about this, other than to shrug and adopt an attitude of believing it when I see it. Call me cynical, but consider the following:

First, was all set to star.

Then, Cooper was out, but Mark Wahlberg was in.

Then Wahlberg was apparently out when rumors of circling the role started to surface a few months ago.

After that, it was Hiddleston's turn, with some serious reports circulating that the actor had gotten further in the process than anyone before. This one looked legit, with the project even being attached to him on IMDB.

And now? Now I start drinking because dear God, there is no hope and this movie is never getting made, is it?

Regardless, the folks over at Team Crow Reboot better sort it out and choose an actor soon, because fans of the original 1994 film and comic books are already up in arms about the reboot. Which is not surprising, really, because comic book fans have rarely ever had logical or positive reactions about remakes ever in the history of ever. Still, this is ridiculous.

I think I speak for the majority of fans at this point when I say, for the love of God, JUST CAST SOMEONE, ALREADY.

If you guys need me, I'll be over here in the corner drinking straight from the bottle and sobbing quietly. Now where is my vodka?



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