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Alisha Grauso

The CW is kicking off its 2013-14 season early, having just extended the contracts for one more season each of three of its most popular shows: (9th season), The Vampire Diaries (5th season), and Arrow (Movie), which will be heading into its second season (

The three shows have been successful for the network, with the debut Arrow series becoming the most-watched CW show with 4.3 million viewers. Supernatural has also rebounded after a terrible Season 7 (to be fair, it had been buried in the time slot graveyard of Friday night) and its numbers jumped by 15 percent. And the perennially successful The Vampire Diaries continues to be steady for the CW as its highest-rated series.

The CW is actually being pretty savvy here, having figured out what works and sticking to it. And what works right now in entertainment is the young adult genre, specifically with a supernatural element, the TV market for which the CW already seems to have cornered. All but two of its eight pilots fighting to be made for the upcoming season have a supernatural, fantasy, or science fiction theme.


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