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It seems like the CW's take on Nikita has been a troubled one from the start, with the series being constantly on the bubble since its first season four years ago. But even the spunky-little-show-that-could must come to an end, with the network announcing that the show's six series pickup next fall will mark the series finale for the cult-favorite action thriller.

Fans will no doubt be disappointed, but it should come as a surprise to no one. While the series has been successful in digital and video avenues and internationally, the show has somehow never quite connected with CW's predominantly teenage American audience, which has shown its particular flavor right now is supernatural romance.

Deadline explains how the story will complete itself:

Nikita's final chapter, which is yet to be scheduled, will bring the series full circle, with Nikita once again on the run as a hunted rogue for a murder she didn't commit as she attempts to clear her name as well as spare the people she loves.

The abbreviated series run for next season is by all accounts a nod to fans, with the pickup being "part of CW president Mark Pedowitz's efforts to give the network's long-running series a satisfying ending for fans."

This is just another addition to shift of networks to move to year-round programming, with mid-length "event series" being intermixed with regular, long-running series, with most networks indicating a desire to give fans the endings they crave and keep their viewerships happy.

This won't be the end for series star , however. She's all set to star in the role of Tori in upcoming YA adaptation Divergent.

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