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The CW's brand-new drama for the fall season, Reign, hasn't even premiered yet, and already it's making waves, thanks not so much to what's been put into it, but what's been taken out.

EW reports that a rather steamy masturbation scene included in the original cut of the pilot sent to journalists and critics has gotten the ax for broadcast.

The series will follow the life of the young Mary, Queen of Scots () as she arrives in France in 1557 to be betrothed to the doomed Prince Francis (), and her eventual rise to power. Her three best friends travel with her to become her ladies-in-waiting, and it is one of these ladies who pleasures herself in a hidden stairwell after attending a "bedding ceremony", an old tradition arranged to ensure royal newlyweds consummated their marriage.

This is not the only part edited out, however. Other scenes were cut, and some added, which is usually the case with the finished product of any pilot. Still, it's curious they would even have thought to have included a scene as racy as masturbation in the first place. The CW isn't exactly HBO or Showtime, and its audience tends to be much younger. While Reign's teen viewing demographic would have presumably been fine with the scene, it's almost certain parents would have been in an uproar.

In any case, the fit-for-public-consumption pilot of Reign airs October 17 at 9pm on the CW.

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