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One of the most anticipated shows of the new fall season is the CW's The Originals, the spin-off of The Vampire Diaries that has fans buzzing. It's lining up on Tuesday nights and is expected to be the other tentpole show that holds the CW up, the partner and complement to TVD, coming with a built-in fanbase as it will.

The show will follow Klaus (), the original vamp-wolf hybrid, back to his hometown of New Orleans when he gets wind of a plot against him. There he reunites with former protege, Marcel () a charismatic but diabolical vampire who rules the city of New Orleans - human and supernatural alike - with an iron fist. Klaus is followed by his brother, Elijah (), determined to support Klaus, and the werewolf, Hayley (), researching her family history.

The CW dropped the first official trailer for the series, and from the looks of it, it has the potential to be even more intense than The Vampire Diaries:


On a scale of 1-10, how excited are you? If you don't say 11, you're lying.


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