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Some of Hollywood's most popular entertainers gathered in Los Angeles this past weekend for the 19th annual Teen Choice Awards. While the ceremony honored some of the biggest stars in film, TV, music and fashion, it was clear that there was only one real winner of the night — The CW.

The network produces some of the most popular shows in the world, including The Flash, Supergirl, Arrow, Legends Of Tomorrow, Riverdale and The Vampire Diaries. And while it usually finds itself snubbed by other major award ceremonies, it stood tall at the Teen Choice Awards, picking up a whopping 12 wins.

With that in mind, let's check out all the network's major victories from the event, and look at why other award ceremonies should follow in the footsteps of the TCAs and honor The CW with nominations.

Riverdale Cleans Up

Newcomers: 'Riverdale' dominated the Teen Choice Awards. [Credit: The CW]
Newcomers: 'Riverdale' dominated the Teen Choice Awards. [Credit: The CW]
  • Number of wins: 7.
  • Awards Won: Choice Drama TV Show, Choice Breakout Show, Choice Drama TV Actor (Cole Sprouse), Choice Breakout TV Star (Lili Reinhart), Choice TV Ship (Bughead — Cole Sprouse & Lili Reinhart), Choice Scene Stealer (Camila Mendes), Choice Hissy Fit (Madelaine Petsch).

This year marked the Teen Choice debut of The CW's freshman series , and the show sure knew how to make an entrance. In a completely unexpected turn of events, Riverdale won a shocking seven awards, including Drama TV Show, and Breakout Show.

While the show did have an eighth nomination (Choice Breakout TV Star Lili Reinhart was up against the show's leading man KJ Apa), it was impossible to win, meaning that it fulfilled its maximum potential this year. And that's a rare occurrence. Welcome to the world, Riverdale!

The Flash Reigns Supreme Again

  • Number Of Wins: 2.
  • Awards Won: Choice Action TV Show, Choice Action TV Actor (Grant Gustin).

once again proved why it's the CW's biggest show when it received the award for Choice Action TV Show, beating out the network's other shows and Supergirl as well as the likes of Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., Gotham, and Lethal Weapon. While Season 3 may not have been its strongest outing, the show continues to amaze us each year, and this award is proof that we aren't the only ones impressed. But when it comes to amazing, we have to talk about the star of the show.

For the third consecutive year, Grant Gustin has won a Teen Choice Award for his strong performance as Barry Allen/The Flash. Not only does his third victory highlight how popular both he and The Flash really are, it gives him the recognition he deserves. Undoubtedly, one of the most well-deserved awards of the night.

The Vampire Diaries Bows Out With A Bang

'The Vampire Diaries' final year at the event resulted in two wins. [Credit: The CW]
'The Vampire Diaries' final year at the event resulted in two wins. [Credit: The CW]
  • Number Of Wins: 2.
  • Awards Won: Choice Sci-Fi/Fantasy TV Show, Choice Sci-Fi/Fantasy TV Show Actress (Kat Graham)

Since beginning in 2009, went on to win an unprecedented 26 Teen Choice Awards, and it rounded out its final year by winning two more. As Kat Graham was crowned Choice Sci-Fi/Fantasy TV Show Actress for her role as Bonnie Bennett, the show itself was crowned this year's Choice Sci-Fi/Fantasy TV Show, beating out stiff competition from Shadowhunters, and even Stranger Things.

Winning a total of 28 out of 67 nominations over the years, the TCAs won't be the same without this legendary show. But we can rest assured knowing that The Vampire Diaries ended its historic TCA run with a bang.

Supergirl Is The CW's Leading Lady

Melissa Benoist is the Choice Action TV Actress. [Credit: The CW]
Melissa Benoist is the Choice Action TV Actress. [Credit: The CW]
  • Number Of Wins: 1.
  • Awards Won: Choice Action TV Actress (Melissa Benoist).

In an award ceremony that mostly consisted of the CW's leading ladies, it was herself, Melissa Benoist who was crowned Choice Action TV Actress, beating out the likes of 's Candice Patton and Danielle Panabaker, 's Emily Bett Rickards and 's White Canary, Caity Lotz.

Why The CW Deserves More Recognition

While the Teen Choice Awards finally gave The CW and its shows a chance to shine, the network is almost always snubbed at other major award ceremonies like the and the . The most likely reason for this is down the network's appeal. And although it has revamped its image significantly in recent years, its transition into a home for DC's hasn't changed things, because comic book shows are also often overlooked at award shows.

The fact that a genre still restrains the level of acclaim that a series can achieve is quite worrying. It's no secret that while the tone of most CW shows are in line with the network's image, they still produce some award-worthy television. Riverdale may look like a typically sexy CW show on the outside, but underneath, it's a really well-written and intense thriller that kept us all guessing right up until the finale.

The same stereotype seems to apply to the network's actors too. While star Gina Rodriguez shattered the glass ceiling and became the first ever CW actress to receive a Golden Globe nomination (and win), amazing actors like Lauren Graham, Allison Mack, Grant Gustin, Katie Cassidy, Nina Dobrev and Claire Holt who were commended for their performances long before her somehow remained overlooked.

While the Teen Choice Awards are ultimately up to the fans, as opposed to the panels that decide the winners at other ceremonies, it's far from just being a popularity contest. They give actors like Grant Gustin, who has the ability to move us every time he's on screen, the chance to get the recognition he truly deserves. With a performance as strong as his, Gustin may have gotten an Emmy or Golden Globe nod had he been starring in a different show on a different network. But he's overlooked due to the genre of the show he stars in.

For too long, award ceremonies judge shows based on outside factors like genre and network. But the Teen Choice Awards is an example of a ceremony that takes those overlooked gems and gives them the chance to receive the recognition they deserve. And it's about time that other major award shows follow in their footsteps.

Are you happy with The CW's major TCA wins? Let us know in the comments below!


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