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When we left Barry Allen in Season 3 of The Flash, he had just made the most heroic of sacrifices. The Speed Force had become unstable and threatened to destroy all of Central City unless someone took residence in the prison that previously contained Savitar. Barry chose to occupy the prison, leaving Central City in the capable hands of his team and Kid Flash. His return will be a big part of the season premiere, but could a new image of his new costume offer some plot details for the coming season?

We've known for a while that Barry Allen would be sporting some new superhero threads once he returns from the Speed Force in The Flash Season 4. Since we saw the suit the Barry Allen of 2024 wore in "The Once And Future Flash," many fans have been calling for the Scarlet Speedster to have a change of clothes. The Season 4 trailer doesn't offer anything in the way of a glimpse of the new suit, but Cisco does gleefully tell Barry that there's a new costume waiting for him. We'd had some glimpses at it before, but now we have our proper first look at it.

This suit is quite an upgrade. 's suit hasn't really changed that much since the beginning of the series, the only real change was the white highlight around the emblem. The suit for Season 4 once again features an emblem change and this time, it looks to be built into the suit with the lightning bolt on a black background. There are many more highlights in the costume including some heavy lightning details on the forearms and the top of the boots. Overall, it seems that the suit is a brighter shade of red as well.

The Future Flash

[Credit: The CW]
[Credit: The CW]

It does seem that the suit Barry will be wearing in Season 4 will in fact be the same one he will wear in 2024. While the suit in "The Once And Future Flash" featured the symbol on the white background and the new image doesn't it's possible that the emblem is added on after has put it on.

The inclusion of the yellow belt adds another new element to the hero's suit. Rather than one long red suit we now have a clear separation between his top half and bottom half, and this is more in line with the comic book costumes. All of Barry Allen's costumes have featured this detail and finally, it's been brought to our television screens.

Does The Suit Reveal Any Story Secrets?

We know that the title of the Season 4 premiere will be "The Flash Reborn" and from the trailer that's been released, we can see that Barry returns to Central City in a clearly confused state. In the new trailer, Barry seems withdrawn from his friends and doesn't respond when the woman he loves walks into the room. It also seems that his powers have became unstable after spending so long in the speed force, particularly when it appears that he's running around the walls of STAR Labs. Based on this, it's fair to say that we'll have some adaptation of the 2009 "Rebirth" storyline in Season 4.

The new costume also offers some clues towards The Flash adapting the "Rebirth" storyline which dealt with the fallout of Barry Allen's long-awaited return to . The increased use of the gold accents in particular is something that was clearly inspired by the comic as throughout the event, Speed Force energy is constantly exuding from Barry which gives the impression that his suit has added accents.

But what could this mean in terms of the "Rebirth" story? Barry had been missing for 23 years since the "Crisis on Infinite Earths"; "Rebirth" deals with the fallout of his return. He's obviously slightly disorientated when he returns as a lot has changed in Central City, and it seems that the Speed Force is trying to draw him back in. His powers are slightly unstable and he feels that he's a danger to others so decides to run back into the Speed Force.

Barry is clearly haunted by his 6-month sojourn in the Speed Force and he's clearly lost some of himself; he's even begun to compulsively draw mysterious symbols on the walls of STAR Labs. It's worth noting that we don't actually know how time flows within the Speed Force; while Barry has been missing for 6 months in the real world, this could translate to years in the Speed Force. Because of the similarities to Barry's costume during "Rebirth" and the changes to his costume in Season 4, it's very possible that we might actually see an adaptation on screen and as Gustin may have confirmed "Rebirth" as a storyline for Season 4, it'll certainly be interesting to see how Team Flash deal with the new Barry in the coming season.

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