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Now, The CW's eagerly anticipated four-night crossover event, "Invasion," may now be over, but that doesn't mean that the -centric extravaganza's time in the sun is over just yet. Y'see, it turns out that the widespread fan enthusiasm for the crossover, along with some really rather good episodes of its constituent shows, might just have earned a really quite impressive ratings haul. Heck, even the distinct absence of anything actually resembling a proper crossover in last Monday's doesn't seem to have hindered the upward trend, meaning that...

The CW's Four-Night DC Crossover Event Got Incredible Ratings

Specifically, the network wound up with its best weekly ratings in six years, with each of the four shows grabbing impressive, and often record-breaking, viewing figures. Supergirl, for instance, managed 3.5 million viewers, the most it's managed since its move to The CW this season, while managed its best rating since September 2014, hitting 4.15 million. too, got in on the act, with its 3.55 million haul, proving to be its highest total since last season's -themed crossover event. Even , the youngest and most sparsely followed of the quartet, managed to accrue 3.39 million viewers — a figure that made the episode its most-watched ever.

In other words? It was a banner night for The CW, and for all of the Arrowverse's shows. What's more, with all four shows hitting strikingly high numbers in the key, advertiser-friendly 18–34 demographic — and indeed in the broader but no less important 18–49 market — it seems likely to be a profitable one in the long run, too — just so long as the numbers don't immediately drop right back down to their pre-crossover levels (or lower), that is. With the show's winter break's either having started, or set to begin after this coming week's episodes, though, that's a distinct possibility. Unless, of course, The CW has something up its sleeve for the new year.

Here's hoping.

Still want more on Invasion — and its after effects — though? Never fear, we've got you covered right here.

In the meantime, what do you think? Will The CW be able to take advantage of the crossover events ratings bounce in the new year? Let us know below!

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