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Alisha Grauso

By now, fans of The Walking Dead know that the soon-to-air Season 4 is going to be flat-out crazy and might just be the season that changes everything. The cast and crew have been singing its praises ever since Season 3 wrapped, and today, we bring you a new, extended trailer-slash-behind the scenes featurette.

Featuring brand-new footage, and The Walking Dead cast and crew dishing on what's about to come, it's clear that, as creator says, every character will be pushed to their breaking point.


The theme of this season seems to be "How do you live with yourself when you've become a monster?" From all indications, there are some characters that may not be able to bounce back from the darkness within.

Buckle up, everyone. The Walking Dead Season 4 premieres October 13 on AMC.

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