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Get those old cans of whup-ass out of the cupboard, because Blade screenwriter has said he firmly believes Marvel Studios will reboot the vampire movie series.

The rights to the comic book property returned to the Disney-owned studio in 2011 and The Dark Knight Rises scribe believes a revival is inevitable. In a recent interview with Crave Online, Goyer said this:

Now that Marvel/Disney have recaptured the rights, I'm sure it will be [remade]. They made too much money on that character to not reboot him at some point...I mean, look, between merchandise and whatnot, that little character generated almost a billion dollars.

New Line Cinema released a trilogy of Blade movies starring as the titular vampire hunter between 1998 and 2004. The character was created for Marvel Comics by Marv Wolfman and Gene Colan, making his debut in 1973's The Tomb of Dracula #10.

Loved the first one, liked the second, hated the third one. I think there's potential there for a new series, as long as they dispense with the origin in a pre-titles sequence so we don't have to trudge through all that again. A completely new story, with in the lead, still fully R-rated. Awesome stuff. Of course, Snipes was (and still is) perfect for the part and the dude ages almost is as well as his character, so I can see why some people want him back. But this is a good opportunity to take advantage of some of the awesome new acting talent around, right?

What do you think about the idea of a Marvel/Disney sub-division label on some projects, like 'Marvel Underground' or something to a similar effect? If they made Blade, Daredevil, Heroes for Hire, small budget darker movies with street level heroes, I think it could really be something.

So, do Goyer's words excite you? Or do you think if this means a Blade without Snipes, then they shouldn't bother? Drop your comments below.


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